Synergy of Silence.

Territorial Control Unit for Synergy of Steel

Territorial Control Unit for Synergy of Steel

After leaving the friendly chat with my new friends in 5T-KM3, I moved on to LS9B-9. This is space controlled currently by Synergy of Steel, a few of whom were present when I gated in. In my typical fashion, I introduced myself to the locals.

[ 14:52:43 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : LS9B-9
[ 14:57:25 ] Thrice Hapus > o7, my friends! I am touring through Vale today.
[ 14:57:50 ] Thrice Hapus > I see this is Synergy of Steel space and that many of you are in that alliance.
[ 14:58:17 ] Thrice Hapus > I hope I am not invading your space!
[ 15:00:54 ] Thrice Hapus > Would it be OK with you if I scan down these sigs? I am doing research on signatures in null.
[ 15:05:08 ] Thrice Hapus > 1 data site and 1 c1-3 WH, in case anyone was interested.

After almost 15 minutes of total silence, I did a little research on this alliance and realized they primarily use a language denoted by the computers as “German”. Seeing this, I was excited to try out my translation drone for the first time. It’s a little bit cumbersome to use and the translation isn’t perfect, but it’s better than nothing.

[ 15:08:52 ] Thrice Hapus > Es tut mir leid ich nicht Deutsch sprechen. Ihr seid meine Freunde. (I am sorry I do not speak German. I am your friend.)

Five more minutes ticked slowly by. Nothing.

[ 15:13:48 ] Thrice Hapus > Auf Wiedersehen (Goodbye)

A little sad at my first flat-out rebuff by a sizable group of allied capsuleers, to whom I could not possibly pose a threat, perceived or actual, I moved on.

The gorgeous K5 (orange bright) star of RVCZ-C

The gorgeous K5 (orange bright) star of RVCZ-C

Although RVCZ-C held only one equally silent member of Synergy of Steel and no signatures, its beautiful, warm K5 star cheered me considerably.

[ 15:14:12 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : RVCZ-C
[ 15:15:55 ] Thrice Hapus > o7! I am here to map this system. Let me know if I am in your way. Thanks.
[ 15:22:08 ] Thrice Hapus > Auf Wiedersehen (Goodbye)

Of course, I can’t actually feel the warmth of a star filtered through atmosphere against my skin. I don’t even have anything set up to simulate that; the hydrostatic fluid of my pod just keeps me at a constant 310.15 K. But I can feel its warmth in my heart, like a smile from a good friend.

When I was a child, my mother told me that every star was an angel, a messenger of God. She never said what their message was. I never thought to ask. Without realizing it consciously, though, I did imagine what their message would be. Words of joy, peace, hope, happiness, life. A message of goodwill and glad tidings. How could it be anything different?

I am reminded of that looking out at this star today. I can’t help but contrast its silent message with that of my silent capsuleer friends, and think that maybe their messages are not so different. The absence of words does not necessarily mean the absence of friendship. There are many reasons for silence. And when the reason cannot be known, It is up to me to decide how to interpret it, whether good or ill.

A star’s silent radiance can be seen solely as its potential for damage, destruction, and death. Or it can be seen for its seemingly endless supply of life-giving warmth and energy. My reticent friends can be viewed solely as mute killers, looking for a chance to ruin the unwary. Or not.

I see the light. And I have a smile to return to my massive K5 friend as I head toward the next gate.

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