Reticent Russians.

"It Ain't Easy Being ZLZ" station

“It Ain’t Easy Being ZLZ” station

Gating back to a constellation with only one system left to map is not always super-fun, especially when there is no wormhole connection from Thera to anywhere too close. I jumped through a wormhole to Nalvula, and then jumped gate-to-gate almost all the way to ZLZ-1Z. Only a few systems had any capsuleers present, so I was able to make my destination fairly quickly. I definitely am guilty of taking stargate travel for granted sometimes: 15 light-years in about 15 minutes seems mundane to me, and that is just plain wrong on some level.

ZLZ-1Z was full of capsuleers from Ultimate Space. I know this area is controlled by Infinity Space, but I have no idea if these two alliances are part of the same coalition or if they are sworn enemies. The nice thing about the Goodwill Tour is that I don’t need to know much about intra-cluster politics. Regardless of status or standing, everyone I meet is a potential friend.

Based on the biographical info available via my ship computer, it appeared that most of these capsuleers spoke “Russian”. Time to give the translation software another whirl!

[ 12:39:01 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : ZLZ-1Z
[ 12:40:13 ] Thrice Hapus > o7, my friends!
[ 12:43:44 ] Thrice Hapus > Привет, мои друзья.
[ 12:45:39 ] Thrice Hapus > До свидания пока, друзья мои.

I worked while I waited for some kind of response. After marking a couple of safe spots and grabbing a photo of the system’s station (“It Ain’t Easy Being ZLZ” — great name!), I figured I wasn’t going to receive any kind of reply. Alas for the reticence of these Russians! (I found out later from one of my fellow Signaleers that some corporations impose stiff penalties against anyone caught chatting in Local. I assume that’s what was going on here.)

On my way back to Nalvula and my wormhole connection back to Thera, I ran into a friendly capsuleer in 5T-KM3.

[ 12:47:25 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : 5T-KM3
[ 12:48:27 ] Thrice Hapus > o7, my friend.
[ 12:48:34 ] Bechamimi > hi
[ 12:48:47 ] Thrice Hapus > Have you scanned these sites already?
[ 12:49:06 ] Bechamimi > Yeah, working them now
[ 12:49:20 ] Thrice Hapus > ok, I will move on, then. Hope you are having good luck today!
[ 12:49:31 ] Bechamimi > You too my friend
[ 12:49:39 ] Thrice Hapus > I am researching sig frequency. Can you tell me the class of the two sigs?
[ 12:50:55 ] Bechamimi > FBG-720 is Central Guristas Sparking Transmitter
[ 12:51:03 ] Thrice Hapus > Data?
[ 12:51:07 ] Bechamimi > Yep
[ 12:51:13 ] Thrice Hapus > And the other?
[ 12:51:29 ] Bechamimi > QPK-602 is Central Guristas Data Mining Site
[ 12:51:42 ] Thrice Hapus > You have been most helpful. Thank you very much!
[ 12:51:52 ] Bechamimi > No problem 🙂
(chat posted with permission of all parties involved)

It was a nice way to close out my tour through 0-8MWQ. I didn’t earn any ISK in this constellation, but I hope I made a few new friends. Can’t wait to see what will happen next!

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