Pod express.

VI2K-J II, a barren planet

VI2K-J II, a barren planet

Growing up on our farm, I learned that the sun doesn’t shine all the time. Which is a good thing, because growing things and animals (and people!) need the rain, too.

After the silence of the last few systems, it was a nice break to find a friend in VI2K-J. was There was only one capsuleer in-system when I gated in, but I sure was happy to see her! [NAME REDACTED]. Of special interest to me was her surname, because it is the same name as one of my corp mates. A relation of some sort?

[ 15:22:37 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : VI2K-J
[ 15:26:22 ] Thrice Hapus > o7, my friend!

When she didn’t respond right away, I looked her up in my ship’s computer. Turns out she had a personal comm channel that was open to anyone. This was not something I had not seen too often, so I toggled over to it.

[ 15:26:57 ] EVE System > Channel MOTD: [REDACTED]
[ 15:27:28 ] Thrice Hapus > Hello!
[ 15:27:35 ] [REDACTED] > hi
[ 15:27:45 ] Thrice Hapus > I know a [REDACTED]. Any relation?
[ 15:27:50 ] [REDACTED] > no
[ 15:28:12 ] Thrice Hapus > OK. I am in Vale with you now. Are you an explorer or do you live here?
[ 15:28:34 ] Thrice Hapus > I do not want to infringe on your territory.
[ 15:28:48 ] [REDACTED] > you are in null so bear with me if i will not answer to that
[ 15:28:54 ] Thrice Hapus > Understood!
[ 15:29:09 ] Thrice Hapus > I just didn’t want to scan these sigs down if you are in the middle of running them.
[ 15:29:20 ] Thrice Hapus > I am just collecting data on signature frequency in null.
[ 15:29:48 ] Thrice Hapus > So I could just scan these down without running any sites if that would be more convenient for you.
[ 15:29:51 ] [REDACTED] > for what purpose?
[ 15:30:11 ] Thrice Hapus > Just doing some research. It’s one of the things I do. And I try to meet some new folks along the way.
[ 15:30:16 ] [REDACTED] > data relic and combat
[ 15:30:26 ] Thrice Hapus > one of each?
[ 15:30:33 ] [REDACTED] > yes
[ 15:30:38 ] Thrice Hapus > Thank you!
[ 15:30:57 ] Thrice Hapus > I think I will just take a photo or two and then be on my way. Very nice to meet you today.
[ 15:31:08 ] [REDACTED] > cya

What a helpful fellow capsuleer! In a good mood after our brief chat, I decided to visit the Jove Observatory I had noticed when I first gated in. I had never seen one of these up-close before and thought a photo of it would make a nice memento of my visit.

I had heard from other pilots that the Observatories were surrounded by Circadian Seekers, and I knew these entities to be potentially dangerous. Sadly, I underestimated just how dangerous they could be.

I warped to within 100 km of the Observatory beacon, assuming that would be plenty of distance. Foolishly, I did not activate my cloak as soon as my warp bubble collapsed. Instead, I realized what I had warped to was just the beacon (which was not that interesting to photograph), and so I started looking around for the actual Observatory structure. In short, I got distracted.

The few seconds I was unguarded was all the time the Seekers needed. They began closing on me immediately upon my arrival. I didn’t notice until one of them targeted me. But the nearest one was still 64 km out — plenty of time for me to warp out! The first missile hit less than a second later, obliterating my shields and chewing through most of my armor. I lunged frantically at the controls, trying to warp away to safety before the second, and final, missile could land.

But I was too late. The whole incident had occurred in less than two minutes. The Seekers did not seem interested in my pod, though, and I was able to get away without suffering further damage. In my frenzied haste, I didn’t pay any attention to where I was going.

[ 15:33:24 ] Thrice Hapus > Ha ha. I just got killed by the Jove at the observatory.
[ 15:33:33 ] Thrice Hapus > Kill: Thrice Hapus (Ares)
[ 15:33:38 ] [REDACTED] > oopsie
[ 15:33:44 ] [REDACTED] > you want pod express?
[ 15:34:12 ] Thrice Hapus > I will accept that mercy. Where should I meet you?
[ 15:34:18 ] [REDACTED] > sun
[ 15:35:06 ] Thrice Hapus > Hmm. Won’t let me warp to sun
[ 15:35:23 ] [REDACTED] > lol you were at the sun
[ 15:35:35 ] Thrice Hapus > Ha, so I was. I’ll be right back.
[ 15:36:32 ] Thrice Hapus > Are you in that Strat? I am back.
[ 15:36:56 ] [REDACTED] > yes

Into each life a little rain must fall. It’s not a bad thing. Especially not when you can share it with friends. I closed my eyes to receive her coup de grace, and opened them in all the wonder of a new life, safe back at Thera.

[ 15:37:19 ] EVE System > Subspace communication beacon unreachable. Channel list unavailable.

3 thoughts on “Pod express.

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  2. Mynxee

    You know you can self destruct your own capsule at a safe and thus not give a sacrificial kill to another capsuleer? Always your choice, of course.

    • Yes, indeed! However, in the spirit of gratitude, I wanted to honor my new friend’s offer to help. Just a standard pod, no implants, etc., and certainly no honor or bragging rights in such a kill. All part of the fun of spreading goodwill.

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