The friendly folks of COGG

Touring through a remote section of Provi null today, I ran into the terrifically friendly folks at COGG.

[ 19:45:56 ] Thrice Hapus > o7! This is quite a busy constellation.
[ 19:46:09 ] Momiji Sakora > o7 Thrice, welcome to COGG HQ <3
[ 19:46:11 ] OfTheAncients > o7 eve scout!
[ 19:46:13 ] Momiji Sakora > we love EVE Scout long time
[ 19:46:14 ] Ivan Stoner > i dont like scouts, you know 😛
[ 19:46:19 ] Adratea > Thrice Hapus o///
[ 19:47:14 ] Thrice Hapus > I am just touring through. Great to meet you all.
[ 19:47:25 ] Thrice Hapus > Ivan Stoner , it’s OK. I understand. 🙂
[ 19:47:27 ] MrStinkySlippers > Thrice Hapus \o/
[ 19:47:29 ] Adratea > o7

Ares in spaceAs I tour New Eden, spreading good will to everyone I run into, it is always nice to bump into friends.

I have been unable to trek as much lately due to some illness (change your hydrostatic fluid every time you dock!), but I think I will be able to resume a more regular travel schedule starting this month. Stay tuned!


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