Look but don’t touch.

Infrastructure Hub for DARKNESS.

Infrastructure Hub for DARKNESS.

As promised to the residents of this area of Branch, I left all the signatures in these two systems alone. I scanned them down in order to log them, but I did not run any sites. When I am in a populated region and the residents make a request of me, I honor it as best I can. Hey, we all gotta eat.

My plan on the Goodwill Tour (I’m capitalizing it now, because I guess it’s official that I’m actually doing this) is to unload my cargo hold at one of our corporate offices after I have “befriended” every system in a given constellation (visited, chatted in local with any capsuleers present, scanned, logged, and photographed). So, since these were the last two systems in 0Z-PC4 and there was no one in local for me to chat with, I grabbed a couple quick pix and headed out of the region and back to our base in Thera.

gate to JRZ-B9

Headed out of 0Z-PC4 via the gate to JRZ-B9

The closest wormhole back to Thera was over 30 jumps away, in Hallanen. I set course and whisked my way there. Other than a few systems with heavy traffic (mainly fleets moving through for one purpose or another, I think), it was an uneventful trip.

Once back safe and sound in our corporate hangars, I was able to unload my cargo hold and contract the lot of it over to our Buyback program. This is a Signal Cartel offering that will haul whatever you contract over and sell it at a trade hub, for a 10% fee. Since we’re based out of Thera, and because hauling cargo from there to hi-sec is not my forte, I take advantage of this program whenever I have items for sale.

The next time I head out, I’ll be flying to Vale of the Silent. More Guristas, more friends to make, more fun to be had. Who knew New Eden could be so great?

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