A Guristas colony.

A Guristas colony

Today in 0C-PZ4, I did not run into any capsuleers. Fortunately, the OJ-A8M system held a few signatures to scan down, including a couple ruined Guristas monuments, where I was able to secure roughly 17 million kredits in salvaged goods. Money’s not the most important element on the goodwill tour, but it is needed. “Necessary but not sufficient”, as we said in school.

Branch is Guristas territory. You probably know a lot about them already. Probably more than me. I think of the Guristas as run-of-the-mill pirates. They dabble in a little bit of every sort of illegal activity, the piratical version of a jack-of-all-trades. As I fly through their space and check out one of their mining colonies, I think about these buccaneers. I wonder what it is that leads someone to this life.

Their ship classes are interesting to me. Each one I encounter is identified by my ship computer as some variation on “Pith”. So, for example, today I observed a Pithi, a Pithior, and a Pithum.

In a different life, I helped my dad tend to a small orchard of cold-weather fruit trees that bore a fruit called a Cysur-orange. The roughly spherical fruit they produce is a blue-purple color, so I’m not sure where the “orange” part came from. But inside its tough, inedible rind is a white, fibrous material my dad called the “pith”. And, in our many talks while we worked together, when we delved a little deeper than usual into some subject, he’d say: “Now we’re getting to the pith”. He meant that we were moving into important territory, getting to the heart of the matter.

It makes me wonder about these pirates, living out their lives here in lawless null, and what led them to name their ships so. Are they philosophers and poets? Do they see themselves as the very essence of piracy? Are they right?

May the wonders of New Eden never cease to amaze!

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