First contact.

I ran into another capsuleer today for the first time on the goodwill tour! While scanning in JRZ-B9, stab inferno popped in and we had the following brief exchange:

[ YC118.08.21 13:42:55 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : JRZ-B9
[ YC118.08.21 13:44:19 ] stab inferno > seriously ?
[ YC118.08.21 13:44:22 ] stab inferno > lol 🙂
[ YC118.08.21 13:45:19 ] Thrice Hapus > o7 – What’s up?
[ YC118.08.21 13:45:38 ] stab inferno > searchin your dog mate ? 🙂
[ YC118.08.21 13:45:59 ] Thrice Hapus > Yes! Looking for Laika all over Branch today.
[ YC118.08.21 13:46:09 ] stab inferno > lol 🙂
(chat posted with permission of all parties involved)

When I told him that part of my mission on my trek through null is to record data on every signature in every system at the time of my visit, he kindly volunteered the specifications on the two signatures currently active, which he had already scanned down.

I would say that my trip through null is off to a great start! Friendship and helpfulness is alive and well, at least in this part of the cluster. May it be so in every system!

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